Go ahead... sum yourself up in a paragraph. Now, magnify that challenge under the pressure of a job interview. Whew... tough right?

It's a problem we all have, even us professional storytellers:  The hardest story to tell is our own.

It sounds counter-intuitive, after all, we know ourselves best, right? Not always. The closer we are to a story, the harder it is to see it objectively. It's also difficult to see what makes us truly unique, because what makes us us, just seems "normal" at this point in our lives. What we don't always realize is that what may seem "everyday" to us might just be remarkable to someone else.


The Story Method

The relationship with a potential employer starts with the application. It's the "hook" that grabs their attention and if done right, advances you to the next step. We look at the whole process, from the cover letter to the first day on the job, as a journey—a story in itself. And we use what we know about psychology and narrative persuasion to find the most effective, custom strategy for you.

Together, we'll identify the best story to represent your very unique qualities, and tailor your approach for the specific employer you're trying to win over. 

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